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Ksa bij Google Idol

zaterdag 20 mei 2006

Stem op KSA in de Google idol competetie. We zitten ondertussen al in de halve finale!



vrijdag 19 mei 2006

Maar ze ligt er toch wel uit zeker !!!! En ze was blijkbaar grote favoriete..

The Eurovision Song Contest hopes of 13 countries have ended after the competition’s semi-final in Athens. The biggest shock was the elimination of Belgian singer Kate Ryan, one of the favourites for this year’s prize.


bron : BBC News

Kate Ryan van Monaco

donderdag 18 mei 2006

Ik las op

Original visual effects, fireworks and red neon microphone stands will accompany Kate Ryan from Monaco singing “Je t’Adore”. Dressed in an airy costume with a deep slit and in the colours of fire she will stand apart from her dancers, who will be wearing black suits.

Kate Ryan van Monaco ?? I don’t think so.